Sunday, February 17, 2008

Many Hands did the Trick

Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's the Wee Wee Hours

of the morning and I cannot sleep so I unload the dishwasher, clean the candlesticks, insert new candles and place them on the table in ready for tomorrow's festivities. We're having a garden party where people will actually garden and since I've delayed it several weeks, I have no idea who will remember, who will show up though two people have called and said they'll be late. A good sign. And I know Marlene is preparing a curry feast with spices she brought from India. And my mother has baked Irish bread and is preparing a large salad with oranges and poppy seed dressing.

The days have disappeared and I am accomplishing a lot in way of clearing and cleaning the house (I have taken my mother to the dump twice) and we did have a garage sale last weekend. The stuff that didn't sell, I placed at the top of the driveway and hung a sign saying "absolutely free" and miraculously all was taken. I have been doing publicity and registration for a April 7th workshop and Marlene and I have been working on one for France this summer so I am feeling more than a house wife/ garbage disposer but I go around with lists in my head with tons more to accomplish before we put the house on the market - most likely three weeks down the road.

I am always in a state of disquiet. There's often butterflies bouncing around in my stomach and I rarely write - even emails - that leaves me even less at peace with myself. If you're a friend who I haven't responded to - please forgive me. I can't seem to alight and hold a conversation let alone sort through my growing unanswered correspondence.

I think in a week or two, when all the chores are finished, I'll be more my self. Better still, I'll be able to sleep. I shall go and try again.

Night. Night (though it's almost five in the morning.)